Ìàðèêà Òàìàø è áàëåò 240 òîíí.(Ñ)2000

"240 tons ballet started the first rehearsals in December 1991. The former sewer Tatiana Korenko, the former worker Zoya Dolina and the form theatre historian Marika Tamash became the members of the group.


We have been working on our debut for 7 months. We made our costumes of the old curtains by ourselves and we recorded our soundtracks from TV. It was the real cheap amateur performance - no money and no job. We paid in this way for the independence from the show business companies and showmen.


In 1992 we managed to organize only 4 performances. But the success was so great, that for the 5 time we performed on the stage of the Variety theatre. Nowadays the participants of our trio are the leading masters of the stage of St-Petersburg Music-Hall theatre. And the number of our performances totals to about 1200.


Today "240 tons ballet" is the only professional fat-ballet in Russia. We visited most of the "premium" professional stages of this country.(St-Petersburg concert hall "Oktiabrsky", small Opera House of St-Petersburg, Alexandrinsky theatre, Moscow variety theatre, central concert hall "Russia", The Kremlin Palace of congresses). We performed on the stages of many famous theatres abroad(Minsk Big Opera House, Riga's Opera, Municipal theatre of Grenobl, Opera House in Erfurt).


We are not going to stage our own big show, it is not yet our repertoire policy. We just participate in the Gala concerts with our dances and in the projects of famous singers and dancers.

Ìàðèêà Òàìàø è áàëåò 240 òîíí.(Ñ)2000

Our trio participated in the performances of V.Polunin, B.Moiseev, V.Butusova, I.Otievoi, G.Vetrova, theatre "Litsidei" and so on. We were filmed in the most famous TV programs on Russian TV. Besides together with the TV company of Igor Shadkhan we issued our own video program "Aerobics lessons for fat people".

Since 1994 our group performers practically in all the programs of St-Petersburg Music-Hall theatre. Some of our dancers were staged by the choreographers of this theatre. In 1998 on the stage of this theatre there was the first night of the musical "Rock-and-Roll with pribambases", the dancer Marika Tamash played several parties, the party of Odillia in the parody ballet "Swan Lake".

"240 tons ballet" travels a lot around Russia. We worked in the Ukraine, Belorussia. We have also been on tours in France, Germane, Italy, Austria, Brazil, Israel, Poland and Denmark.


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