Марика Тамаш и балет 240 тонн


  How I became the thickest ballerina of Russia






Hello, I am Marika Tamash - the person that was born inclined to be a glutton, to get fat and to dance. When I was a child my mother "thickened" me with the help of disgusting diets. And it was my mother who brought me to the dancing studio. If to think about that I had danced about 20 parties in the performances of children ballet of the Gorky Palace of culture, I was not bad dancer. But I failed twice to the ballet academy of St-Petersburg. And in spite of all the efforts of the mother, my stage costumes grew  bigger and bigger.

       The strange part of my life between the graduation from the ballet studio and the foundation of 240 tonn ballet holds: theatre academy, publishing of the articles on theatre history, several jobs one boring than other, attempts to paint and make films, two marriages and all that stuff that  flattered your pride, helped to earn one's living, but led to depression. Everything was passing by, but nothing was changing - I was fat/every year I grew fatter/, I didn't dance and whimpered. My moaning was stopped with "perestroika", first private companies, different congresses and currency exchanges. As a result of the change of that historical politico-economical formation the advertisement appeared on the entrance door of my house. It invited everybody to go in for aerobics at the basement of a house nearby. I regarded the advertisement/absolutely illegal and anti-Soviet in the closest past/ as a point of the destiny and purchased the trainees. The basement was small, but cosy. The lessons answered the requirements of several housewives and accountants to stretch their legs. In half a year I myself gave the aerobics lessons at two groups, at the children's choreography classes and supervised the rehearsals of some show with no name. I enjoyed my job, I had also some job offers. Everything was going on with no efforts at all.


The tours abroad, invitation to work at the St-Petersburg Music-Hall theatre, the job of aerobics teacher in the fitness center on the main street of St-Petersburg Nevsky prospect, filming of "Aerobics for fat' - everything came easily, without any efforts. But if I started to ask about something, to offer some ideas, to insist on, all that turned into disappointments. My efforts gave the results only twice. But it was the result! At the very beginning me as a journalist cooked the article about fat-show. Some peoples responded the article, toes who wanted to participate in the madness. I liked best of all two nice young ladies, they resembled each other like sisters. Tania Korenko and Zoya Dolina still suffer together with me, supplying  2/3 of 240 tons. Next time on the plea of having interview, I menage to show our pictures to Boris Moiseev, famous russian show men and dancer. He invited us to his show and made us well known all over Russia.


If you are interested more about the "240 tons ballet" see next page. Few more words about myself - I am still so fat as before and I still whimpers, but now I can dance and it gives me and my audience a lot of fan.

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